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About Michael Hendry

Michael is an expert in all aspects of designing and implementing websites. He is well-versed in many common CMS platforms including Expression Engine, Textpattern and Wordpress. Michael is also experienced in designing and building websites for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android-based smartphones. Many years working with the unique needs of small businesses and has given Michael the experience in creating a wide variety materials from flyers to business cards, to interactive web applications to email newsletters.

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Michael started his professional career in 1996 at EGW Publishing Company, a small magazine company in Concord, California. In his 7 years with the company he graduated from a production assistant to become the Art Director for both Weekend Woodcrafts and Yoga 4 Everybody magazines.

Since 2006, Michael has been employed a Mindset Software in Sacramento, California as Web Services Manager/User Interface Designer. He has been instrumental in the development of Prolific, their flagship Content Management System. He is responsible for all front-end design and implementation of features for Prolific, as well creating and implementing the design of the websites hosted on the platform.